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The last upgrade included a few changes in the database:

  • All plans have now an internal “ID” under ‘Project Details’ and on the coversheet upon export of the plan. We recommend not to change the value in this field. For externally funded project, please use the field “Grant number/url” to add your grant ID.
  • The “Edited” date has been updated for all plans. This is a result of the database changes only and does not include any actual changes to the contents of the plans.
  • You can now add roles for contributors in the plan. For existing plans, the “Data Manager” and “Principal Invesitgator” roles have been assigned automatically to the creator of the plan.
  • The “Grant number/url” field automatically retrieves project acronym and title from the OpenAIRE database if available (mostly relevant for projects funded under Horizon Europe / Horizon 2020). However, note that only the grant number is exported to the coversheet. Make sure to include both acronym and full title under “Project title”.

The following issues are known and will be fixed in a future upgrade:

  • The download of a plan that is marked ‘private’ generates an incorrect copyright statement on the coversheet when exported as csv or text.